11 March 2012

Shop Hop: HMR & Focus Global

A little further down the road on Pioneer Street are the following stores:


This place has been mentioned in Real Living magazine and chat groups as the home of cheap furniture. So I was surprised to find that they sell everything from computers, medical equipment, to books and even winter clothes!

Despite the dust, there were a few interesting finds. Unfortunately, they all had been marked as "sold" already. It seems that one would need to frequent this area often or be part of their mailing list in order to get first dibs on the good stuff.

The building used to be a hospital and from the looks of it, they didn't do much to fix it up - think warehouse without air conditioning. So if you're going to visit, I suggest that you go on a cool and cloudy day.

Focus Global

Located here are the showrooms for both Ethan Allen and SieMatic. Basically, if your pockets are extra large in size, then this is the place for you.

Those who have read my earlier kitchen posts (which you can read here and here) know that SieMatic was my dream kitchen, but since we have yet to win the lottery I decided to skip looking at that end of room.

We checked out Ethan Allen instead and found that, aside from the usual furniture items, they also sell picture frames, mirrors and lamps. To give you an idea of the prices, some picture frames start at Php 24,000. Their two seater sofa costs upwards of Php 150,000 depending on the fabric selected for the upholstery.

If you make this your first stop and then go to other furniture stores after, this place will make everything else seem cheap in comparison.

I was hoping that they would also have Kitchen Aid and Oster items in the showroom but it turns out that those are sold only at authorized retail stores.

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