04 March 2012

Fence & Gate: Rabacon Construction

We're sticking with Rabacon even though there's a Php 16,500 increase from the rate they gave last year (which you can view here). They still submitted the lowest quotation compared to the other four contractors:

Total for Original Option: Php 310,578.94

BUT we'll be making a few changes:

1. Instead of the original 1.82 meters, the CHB perimeter fence will be 2 meters which is the maximum allowable height (basically we'll be adding another layer of hollow blocks).

2. There will be two layers of hollow blocks before the steel fence instead of just one (more wall, less grilles for the front part of the fence).

CHB Perimeter Fence - Php 202,059.62
Steel Fence - Php 49,203.00
Garage Floor Finish - Php 63,975.00
Total for Updated Option: Php 315,237.62

Now if we still have funds left over, we're also planning to install the carport roof and a narrow roof to cover the back door and sink:

• Steel Trusses w/ Marine Plywood for Garage & Laundry Area Roof - Php 43,738.23
- 3/16" x 1" angular bars - painted finish included
- Marine plywood included in preparation for roof shingles
- Roof shingles included
- Hardiflex ceiling cover - painted finish included
- Electrical provision for ceiling mounted garage light included

Total for Updated Option w/ Roof: Php 358,975.85

- Rabacon Construction

Telephone Numbers: 562 6697, 0927 926 7808
Email: mjg_rabacon@yahoo.com

Here's what we have in mind for the fence and gate, only the steel portion of the fence will be a little higher:


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Jade Graham said...

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