23 March 2012

Sixteen Centimeters

The line you see above is exactly 16 cm - that's the distance between the bedroom door (at an open angle) and the our current queen-sized bed (if we decide to bring it with us).

Queen Bed Option

Almost a year ago, I made a post about how measuring our room made me gloomy. The master's bedroom in the model unit (which you can view here) is much larger than the actual space turned over to us - take note that the bed you see in the picture is bigger than ours and there's even space for two night tables!

Well, it has been said that when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. So last week, I decided to take a second look. I must admit I was feeling optimistic - maybe I made a mistake the first time, maybe the room would miraculous expanded on it's own... Alas, it was not to be. If we were to keep our current bed frame (161 cm x 201 cm), then one person would need to walk sideways just to get to their side.

Full/Double Bed Option

So now we're starting to think of buying a full/double bed instead, but that would mean giving up six (6) inches on the width. The length will be the same as apparently Ambassador Beds just vary on the width (both their full and queen-sized beds are 190 cm long).

This then begs the question: Should we go for sleep comfort or more walking space?


Faye Paras said...

This was once a big dilemma for us too but in the end we chose the walking space over comfort so we just bought a double bed. And we also opted to have sliding doors installed in the 2 bedrooms since we only have a 33 sq m of living space :(

Nicole said...

I never thought of sliding doors before. LOVE the idea, thanks Faye! =)

Mommy M said...

hi nicole. from a current double bed user, i would say keep the Queen bed.

my son sleeps with us and having just a double bed for two 'big-sized' adults is not even enough, so you can imagine our discomfort when my son joins us. add to that he is a 'spinner and a roller'.

we used to have a folding cushion on the floor, where my husband sleeps when he comes home in the mornings (he's on graveyard shift most of the time), but that just seems unfair to him, don't you think?

what i did is to 'add' our son's single-sized bed to our existing bed. now we all can spin and roll over... and sleep comfortably :-)

oh, but we also walk sideways to get to the side table because we have an extra wardrobe cabinet, as my husband has sequestered the three-door built-in cabinet we were supposed to share.

btw, we only have one side table because the other side of the bed is flushed against the wall. maybe you can do the same for your queen bed, as i can see u can do that based on your drawing.

instead of side tables maybe you can have a headboard ledge made where you can put your lamps and other stuff meant to be on the side tables. that is what i often see in Real Living when there is no room for side tables. one designer even extended the 'ledge' and made the extended part into a table for the college student who owned the room.

and, of course you can consider those sliding doors as well. :-)



Nicole said...

"my husband has sequestered the three-door built-in cabinet we were supposed to share..."

Hahaha! Jen, I find that funny as that's just like my husband =)

Earl wants the queen bed but I was thinking of the walking space. I tend to wake up often so we need easy access to both sides of the bed.

We can't do the headboard ledge as the window is rather low, but I'm planning to buy plug-in swing arm lamps (refer to the link below) as soon as I can find them (apparently it's not available locally). My other idea is to buy them from the US and just have an electrician switch the wire to 220V.

These are the lamps I'm looking for:


I'm now leaning more towards getting a sliding door and the queen bed =)

Anonymous said...

We have Pottery Barn sconces. You do not need to do anything to the wiring--just be sure to use a bulb for 220 and you are set.

Nicole said...

^You have no idea how happy I am right now!!! I asked another US supplier and their customer service agent advised that I had to rewire. This is such good news - I also asked Keystone Lamps if I could have it custom-made and they replied that they can only do a black painted finish. Other options such as antique brass or brushed nickel finishes will not be possible. You are heaven sent - thank you =)

Mommy M said...

hahaha! yes nicole, husbands are really more vain dressers than we are. thus, they need more closet space daw. :-)

the sconces look fab! all you need now is a very slim side table.

in one Real Living issue the designer used what looked like bar stools. the top is made of a round slab of wood and the legs are of steel... parang just enough table space for a photo and an alarm clock on one and cellphone and a small plant or a tissue box on the other.

for lighting, the designer installed two industrial-looking drop light instead of having table lamps... parang yung sa ini-interrogate ng pulis, only slimmer yung metal shade.

but you have your sconces, so okay na yung lighting part. :-)

btw, per feng shui, hindi advisable yung headboard part of the bed is nakatutok sa window... unless solid at walang holes yung headboard and you use thick curtains daw. na-mention ko lang kasi small as our bedroom is, yung sa latest re-arrangement ko binalik ko na yung headboard sa wall. dati sa bintana din nakatapat and medyo chaotic kami.. hehehe.

i've been wanting to renovate din and thinking of getting a Queen-sized bed nga kasi nagtatabaan kami ng asawa ko, if possible with pull-out pa for my son.

plus of course have a six-door closet made so i can get my half of the closet space. pero yun nga, since palpak si Francisco Furnitures, parang na-trauma ako pa-custom ulit. tsaka na lang siguro when i find a really good furniture maker.

was hoping CUSM was okay pero yun nga i read your post na you had problems din with them. to think na relative pa ng hubby mo. haaaaiiisssttt. kaka-disappoint mga ganyan na kamag-anak. :-(

Nicole said...

Jen, I really like that bar stool side table idea - it will be slim enough for the space!

As to Cusm, yup one would think that relatives would treat you better but turns out not =( This has taught us to never hire friends or blood relations again.

maqui said...

just dropping by to greet you a happy and meaningful easter!

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