04 December 2010

Study Room Bookshelves: RMV Hardwoods & Antiques Shop

While we're going with the cheapest supplier mentioned in the last post, we can't vouch for their workmanship so we've decided to be cautious.

Our first "experiment" will be the bookcase. It costs more than the linen closet but I was thinking that since the books will just sit on open shelves, there will be less "wear and tear" compared to the linen closet whose doors will be opened more frequently (with bedsheets and blankets being changed weekly).

Another consideration are the shelves themselves. I want them to have a very smooth finish with no rough edges on all sides otherwise it will be a pain to clean.

Currently, we have a desk and a TV cabinet that's rather hard to wipe as parts of it are rough (makes the dust stay put and accumulate). These were also custom-made but only some areas had a smooth finish as the supplier did not follow the instructions given to him.

So if this bookshelf does not work out as planned, we will then try Juro Furniture.

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