11 December 2010

Kitchen Journal 3

Part one of the kitchen is almost done:


Maxi said...

Wow ang ganda!

Jen said...

wow nicole ganda!

halos pareho tayo ng kitchen. i also have almost the same L-shape layout (sink under a window, ref on the left side,etc) and black and white scheme.

pero siguro mine is not as well-made or professionally-built (read: pulido) as your kitchen. when i saw the perspective made for your kitchen all i can say was "wow!". my kitchen cabinet-maker did not give me that "luxury". i even had to draw the design and layout myself because their drawing really, really sucked and halatang tinipid sa paint or at least the "flo gloss". the cabinets i re-painted white with QDE even shines more than my kitchen cabinets which was supposedly painted ducco finish with automotive lacquer at that.

btw, you're not using CUSM for your built-in cabinets even if your cabinets turned out really well (judging from the pics)?

Nicole said...

Thanks Maxi & Jen! =)

@Jen - well, it's not completely done yet so I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that things will work out as planned.

As to the built-in closets, we were hoping that they could also do the cabinets but they are REALLY busy (to put it lightly). So it might take them a while to get around to the other cabinets and we'd like to finish the house as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

This is so nice, Nicole!
I love that is clean, bright and modern.

I wish ours is like that. I opted for a green black and brown which is nice naman. But since I like changing the motif of the dining, I wish I chose a more basic palette so I can also easily update the color of the kitchen.

I also wish we did not get wood laminates. I am planning to have additional cabinets installed and might have problem finding the exact same laminate in the future.

Maxi said...

My kitchen is combination of white, black, and red. Dapat talagang glossy ang kitchen.

Nicole said...

@Maqui - Thanks! Green (which I love), brown and black are the colors of nature so I think they'll go with just about anything.

@Maxi - nice! very dramatic =)

Jen said...

i forgot to mention, red nga pala yung back wall and backsplash ng kitchen ko.

i wanted to put in mosaic tiles at first but i thought a red wall would be enough as accent.

because we had the kitchen renovated, "napilitan" tuloy ako i-repaint the rest of the living room walls and even the floor. anyway, it's been five years since the last wall paint job and it really looks grimy. it was just screaming to be re-painted.

we now have ecru walls, white cornices and built-in cabinet, and sand beige floor which really made it look like an extension for the walls. i hope to start on the bedrooms next. never knew i had it in me to paint walls and floors. tipid mode so DIY kung kaya ng powers. hahaha!

we even painted the outside of the house which used to have plain synthetic adobe.

haiiisst gastos magpaganda ng bahay! :-)

Nicole said...

Jen, "magastos" is right but immensely satisfying, noh?

My sister did a painting job for an aunt once and liked it so much that she volunteered for other painting jobs =) In the US, they have painting parties - your friends help you paint and in return you just feed them. Hmmm... now that I think about it...

Bedroom furniture said...

Wow! It is really beautiful. We are doing construction in our house too and I will definitely bookmark your site for reference. Do you have blog post that talks about Bedroom furniture too? I would love to hear your inputs about it.

- AlRitch

Nicole said...

Thanks AlRitch! Posts on bedroom furniture will most likely be next year when we start furnishing the house.

AlRitch said...

Thanks Nicole! I look forward to reading your blog posts. :)

Jen said...

hi nicole. i just saw some cracks on my overhead kitchen doors... i wanted to faint and burst in anger at the same time! imagine, i paid 58k for this redo just a few months ago and it already has cracks???

also, i saw some "edging" which i know is used only to cover the uneven-ness of plyboard (or plywood) edges... but my kitchen doors are supposed to be made of solid mahogany, edging has no place on it because any uneven-ness can easily be smoothened by running a "katam", through it di ba? so what the f@*%???

so, i want to ask you if you were able to see your kitchen doors prior to being painted? if not, how were you able to ensure that it is really made of mahogany?

mine came "pre-painted" white, so i didn't see the wood, if it's plyboard, mahogany or what. i just relied on the cabinet-maker's word of honor. apparently, it's a big mistake to have done so.

i intend to complain to DTI, their barangay, coop or even their munisipyo if they don't replace these with real solid mahogany doors. if you know of any other agency i can lodge my complaint, please let me know.

what a way to ruin my holidays! i just hope my strongly-worded texts are enough to ruin theirs... and hopefully get them to replace these doors.

kaasar!!! i did not pay 58k for plyboard doors!

Nicole said...

@AlRitch - you're welcome!

@Jen, oh dear =( We were not able to see the doors prior them being painted but we based it on trust as the one who's doing the cabinets is Earl's uncle.

I definitely know how you feel. If the owner doesn't fix things then it would be best to complain to the barangay where they are registered and DTI. If I'm not mistaken, the barangay clearance is a yearly requirement to renew their business permit.

AEC said...

it's looking great so far! :)

Nicole said...

Thanks Mandy! =)

curlyjyl1201 said...

super like you kitchen, very clean tgnan and cool design. sna mkita ko din kung san un contractor mo nun kitchen cabinet mo....

Nicole said...

Thanks curlyjyl1201! Here are their contact details:

- Cusm Furniture Shop

Office & Factory: Blk.15, Lot 2, Real St., Villa Eusebia Subdivision, Pulang Lupa, Las Pinas
Telephone Numbers: 828 5156, 828 5153, 0922 815 6206
Email: cusmfurniture@yahoo.com.ph

You can also check the Index on the left side - all prices and other information can be found under "Kitchen."

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