10 May 2017

Cleaners: Rainbow Cleaners

As much as I would love for the house to be sanitized and smell of eucalyptus, I've decided that I'd rather save the extra Php 6920. I can buy a ton of Clorox Wipes and an air freshener I actually like and still have a little cash left over. Here's hoping though they'll do a better job than Dirty Business, Inc.

I. Scope of Work: General Cleaning for 84 sqm
II. Estimated duration of work: 8 hours
III. Manpower: 5 staff with supervisor
IV. Term of payment: Upon project completion
V. Service invoice and Official Receipt to be issued upon payment of service.
VI. Above price is VAT inclusive.

Total: Php 10,780 (all-inclusive)


popcorn said...

Hi Nicole! It must be so nice to finally be home.

I've been back-reading your posts and was so surprised to see a brown front door - I felt so sad to read that the paint got stripped off because I loved the color (in fact, I wanted to paint our front door red too but it's not bagay eh).

Hope the cleaning goes well and you finally get to enjoy your new home.

Nicole said...

Yup, we finally have babysitters (a.k.a. grandma and grandpa)! Yes, our last contractor didn't do a good job so now we're going to have it repainted (same color). Thanks Jean =)

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