30 May 2017

Appliances: Abenson & PowerAire

Overall, Fair N Square was cheaper, but only by Php 1500. With toll fees and gas, that difference would be even less as I'd have to go to Binondo to pay for everything.

Recently, I went back to Abenson and Anson's to revisit their prices, and Abenson still came out lower especially when it came to installation fees. Here are a few examples:

Samsung fee for wall mount installation:
Anson's - Php 2500 per unit without bracket (unless you're buying the bigger models, then installation is free)
Abenson - Php 998 per unit without bracket or Php 1498 with bracket

Kolin installation fee for 2.5 HP split type air conditioner:
Anson's - Php 7500 for the first ten feet
Abenson - Php 6000 for the first ten feet

So even if Abenson costs Php 705 more for the 2.5 HP air conditioning unit, we still get to save Php 800.

Another point in Abenson's favor is that not only do they have a branch five minutes away from where we currently live, they also sell mattresses. I could potentially save even more on delivery fees!

So how did PowerAire get into the picture? After a bit of browsing, I came across a blog post that made a case for Daikin and non-inverter air conditioners. And after shopping around, I've found that a 2.5 HP Kolin will cost us around Php 46,200 including installation fees, while a 2.5 HP Daikin is roughly Php 42,000 inclusive of installation fees.

PowerAire is the nearest authorized retailer of Daikin as neither Anson's nor Abenson sells the brand.

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