13 February 2011

Supplier Ratings: Study Room Bookshelves 1

Supplier: RMV Hardwoods & Antiques Shop
Price Tag: Php 28,000
Rating: 0/10 (10 being the highest)


Everything (which you can read about here). At first they asked to be given a second chance, but when I called them two weeks later, they said they'll give us a refund instead. Apparently, it will cost RMV more to fix things than give our money back.

Another concern is the refund itself. They said it will be available sometime this month as they are first going to try to sell it in SM Southmall (I think). You see, they spent the down payment on materials which is not surprising though we shouldn't have to wait for them to return the funds. It's a good thing that our contact, Ronaldo "Ron" Ulanday, works for one of our expats so it won't be too hard to track them down.

Update: They gave us only Php 10,000 of the Php 14,000 refund and the last I heard from Ron was June 2011. Since then he has changed his mobile number and has yet to contact me for the remaining refund balance.

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