21 February 2011

Built-in Cabinets: Cusm Furniture Shop

Bedroom Closet

Linen Closet


We've decided to go with the tried and tested. Our current kitchen cabinet supplier will now also do all of the closets upstairs.

Is the finish line in sight? We're keeping our fingers crossed!


G said...

i am inspired by your blog...you have so many ideas and you are so generous to share it with others...more power!

Nicole said...

Thanks G! Much appreciated =)

Jen said...

sis, how much will the bedroom closets cost?

looking forward to seeing the finished product. pa-kopya ha. :-)

Jen said...

ay nandun na pala yung cost... hehehe.

pero pa-kopya pa din ng design pag natapos ha. :-)

i actually want a 6-door, floor to ceiling height, closet in our room because right now the built-in 3 door closet is already overflowing with my husband's clothes and stuff.

most of my stuff has been relegated to a small 2-door ready-made closet i bought at our home, which is eating up precious floor space in our room.

anyway, matagal-tagal pa siguro itong next project ko. ipon pa ng budget for it. :-)

Nicole said...

Sure Jen! Copy all you like as I also just followed the design of our current cabinets and the ones I found in books =)

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