18 January 2011

Coming Soon: Dimmable Energy Saver Lamps

Whoever thought that a light bulb would make me so excited? Well the dimmable compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) just did!

As almost half the house is on dimmers, I was getting a bit worried since only incandescent bulbs can be used and the guy at Wilcon told me that they were being phased out (the bulbs that is).

At first, I didn't believe him - how could that happen when all the decorating books I've recently read have advocated the use of dimmers? Not only for better lighting but also for saving on electricity? But it turns out, he was right and it seems that the Philippines will be the first in Asia to ban incandescent bulbs according to Wikipedia (which cited Fox News as the source).

Panic then had me searching Google for a solution and that's how I discovered dimmable CFLs by Philips. My relief was short lived however when I found out that the lights are not yet available locally and no other brand carried a similar product.

So yesterday I called up Customer Service, and the lady who answered advised that someone will get back to me regarding my query. I was pleasantly surprised at their response rate - they replied that same day with the news that the lamps will be available starting July! Hallelujah!

This is even better since incandescent bulbs only have one color - yellow. CFLs, on the other hand, have other colors like "cool white" which is what I wanted for the entire house as it's not as harsh as daylight or as mellow as warm white. It's a good in-between color.

Here are some of the lamp's features but you can read more about the Philips' dimmable CFL on their website:

- Light levels can be adjusted to suit the scene
- Can be used with most conventional dimmers*
- Offers a wide range of dimming (from 5 to 100%)*
- Fast run up time
- Starts up at minimum dimmer level of 5%
- Compact and attractive design to suit many fittings
- Quality Philips technology delivers up to 80% energy savings over incandescent bulbs
- Light does not flicker*
- No hum*

* Test performed in Philips laboratories based on dimming capability, flickering, humming and ignite at low dimming level with most consumer dimmers.

Update: As of December 2011, this lamp is still not available locally. I sent them another email and they informed me that they plan to introduce it next year but no definite date.


popcorn said...

Hi Nicole,

Naka-relate ako sa excitement mo sa bagong energy-saver na dimmable bulbs. Natuwa rin kasi kami ni hubby when they came out here in the US a couple of years ago.


Nicole said...

Hi Jean,

Cool, noh? It's just too bad that Manila is late - but better late than never! =)

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