20 May 2010

Something is Brewing

Avida sent a letter recently and it made me want to hit someone.

I was so mad that I called Noel three times only to be stopped by Earl. He wants our lawyer to handle this and as much as I really want to start screaming at someone from Avida, I agreed.

The gist is that they have a lot nerve sending that letter. The gall!!!

I will post all the details once I get the go signal.

It may now be time to escalate this situation to someone else.


Maxi said...

Wow, this is an interesting letter. I can't wait to read it! Please post the letter soon.

They're building my house and they're currently on second floor. I visited the site last week and meet Jojo, our neighbor. He shared me his sentiments. He paid the 20% DP last April 2009 and his house was only turn-overed this month after giving Avida very harsh words and numerous complaints. I asked him about the promise of Avida to build the house in six months, mas lalo syang nagalit sa Avida. His wife is an agent for Avida and I was able to talk to her. She told me that they were briefed about it so they purchased a unit in Avida. The goal is to prove to their clients that Avida delivers it promises and they will testify about the experience. Kabaligtaran ang lahat na nangyari. She can't believe what happened!


Nicole said...

I'll post it as soon as our lawyer clears it =)

Testify about the experience, huh? I'll gladly do that! I'll testify that not only do they break their promises - over and over again - but they also like to twist the truth (a lot).

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