30 May 2010

The Devil is in the Details

Last May 18, we received a bunch of documents from Avida requiring our signature. I assumed this was part of the turnover process since they sent photocopies of the Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) and asked us to sign each copy.

I checked the lot plan versus the technical description stated on the TCT and found an error. Since the documents came with a letter that stated a number to call and an email address in case we had questions, I decided to contact them.

To cut things short, after numerous phone calls and emails, Avida has yet to give us an answer more than a week later.

At the same time, I was also communicating with the bank. They told me that typographical errors are common in TCTs but they will try to get some form of guarantee from Avida that they will fix the problem.

I told both the bank and Avida that we will not sign anything until this issue is resolved. And while I know this is a minor detail, we just don't want to be stuck holding the bag (so to speak) if this was overlooked. Apparently, if the actual title has a problem, it could take up to six months and a court hearing - not to mention dealing with different government agencies. Life is difficult enough as it is.


Anonymous said...

Nicole, we also had typo errors in our title. it took about a month of going to different govt offices to have the document corrected. since we got a contractor and not a developer to build our house, we had to do the paperwork by ourselves. For your case, Avida should take care of the processing.

Nicole said...

That's exactly what we were afraid of! Donna from ALI Group Support just called a few minutes ago to advise that the title does need to be changed and that they'll send the corrected papers by next week.

Anonymous said...

did you get a loan to purchase the house? For our case kase, we found out about the typo error in the land title because Pag ibig informed us. Our loan was already approved but pag ibig would not release the check until the docs are corrected. We thought it was just another Pag ibig red tape story but when we checked with other banks for loan options, it turned out that they will require the same correction if they approve our loan application. Note that the typo was just one eensy weensy letter. Instead of SE (south east), the title had SW.

Nicole said...

Yes, the loan is through a bank but the said bank wants to push through with the correction to follow. They advised that as per their agreement with Avida, the developer is given a year to make corrections.

But I am not comfortable signing something that's obviously wrong so I told them that we will wait for at least some form of guarantee letter that Avida will change it.

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