24 May 2010

The Avida Website Revisted

Brand Promise

Quality Assurance

To ensure the long-term value of your investment, all aspects of our technical planning and construction undergo stringent quality controls. Structural designs are accomplished by highly experienced engineers, while our construction management processes employ an ISO-certified management system.

ISO-certified? With doors that don't open properly? It should be revoked! Hey, there's an idea...

Of course, apart from topnotch quality, Avida is highly committed to the prompt delivery of all projects according to specifications.

Prompt delivery? The number of disgruntled customers that I know of, whose houses were late by at least six months, is growing. And don't get me started on the "according to specifications."

Stress-free Buying Experience

We believe that our customers' buying experience is an integral part of our value proposition. We make sure that site visits are as informative and as relaxing as possible. Our brokers and employees adhere to strict ethical standards, while our dedicated customer hot line is readily available to address all your concerns.

Is it ethical to repeatedly not tell the truth? The head office and the sales agents have yet to learn honesty.

During one site visit, we asked about the bathroom window on the ground floor. Based on the model unit, anyone passing by outside will be able to see the person inside. Our agent assured us that the model unit was done incorrectly and the actual house will not have that problem. Our house now has a problem.

Mission Vision


To our Customers, we commit to provide the highest value for your investment by delivering quality and innovative homes and communities that continue to appreciate over time. We will endeavor to build customers for life by providing the highest standards of service and constantly improving quality.

None of the above is happening.

Filinvest, Vista Land and other developers do not make the same detailed claims. At least not on their websites.


kikas_head said...

Blech. I just read through your blog. The whole situation sucks and I cannot believe a major (and supposedly reputable) developer would do this to you! It is horrible when any company screws you, but it is so much worse when it comes to what is supposed to be your dream home.

After reading your story, I am wondering why they are not doing more to fix everything? I am still a little new to the Philippines so I am not very hip on how businesses work here, but why are they not throwing some money at the problem? It seems that if I was a developer and I have an unhappy (and vocal) client, why not throw in some items that will cost me next to nothing but make the client happier? As a developer, they have access to tons of materials. Why did they not upgrade the floors or put a fancier toilet and sink in or something? I know this is not what you are looking for, but it might have helped them look so uncaring.

I really, really hope things get better for you and they start fixing things.

Nicole said...

We couldn't believe it either. And yes, I get what you mean. If we were in some other country, they would be doing much more to try to make their clients happy. But our dealings with the head office have taught us that they really don't care.

They did offer something (which I cannot disclose at the moment) but it came with a letter that makes them look as though they did not owe us anything.

Needless to say, what they've offered is not enough to atone for all the things they have done so far (and their offenses keep mounting).

Thanks and I really hope that this whole ordeal ends soon too =)

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