25 April 2009

While Waiting...

The new Patrice model unit was supposed to be launched last April 19, 2009. I had been waiting for this with great anticipation for the following reasons:

Old Model Unit
- Floor area was three to four square meters less than what's stated on the contract.
- There were no interior partitions.
- Only one bathroom instead of the two that's supposed to come with the standard unit.

Basically, it's more or less how the property will be turned over had we bought the basic unit.

New Model Unit
- Floor area will be based on specifications (according to Mich, our sales agent).
- All interior partitions installed according to the floor plan described in the brochure and the website.
- New layout for the ground floor bathroom.
- Entire house will be furnished and decorated by an interior designer.

This means that we can get ideas on what the house can look like. Which is good as do not wish to pay for the fees asked by interior decorators.

But like most everything in the Philippines, the launch was postponed to sometime in May. When did they announce the delay? A day before the launch.

Actually, they didn't announce it as the April 19 launch date is still posted on their website. It was Raquel from Avida who informed me via text message. Well, what else is new? I cannot say I'm surprised. Though when she sent me a text message two days prior confirming the launch, I was thinking, "Wow, they're on time?"

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