01 April 2009

And the Winner Is...

Option 2.

We had a meeting with Avida coordinator Christine F and their architect Cathy L earlier this afternoon in their Makati office. Earl and I were also joined by architect Mario A (technically Uncle Mayong as he is Earl's uncle).

All in all it went well - better than I had envisioned (which involved flying chairs and tables). They did not agree to Option 1 (refer to House Model and Floor Plan) explaining that it would not be fair as they have turned down other requests. Fair enough.

Though if they had explained it that way in the first place instead of what I perceived to be a "take or leave it" attitude (see An Exercise in Frustration), this issue would have been resolved a long time ago. Also, since they already made up their minds way before the meeting, I think they could have saved us all time and sent the decision with the explanation in another email.

They did agree to not installing the maid's room partition - this area will now become the kitchen. Again, they will just give us the materials for us to with as we please.

They've also done a few more changes to the house structure which I think is for the better. One is that ground floor bathroom has a much better lay-out than the original. Two, the wall system they will use is no longer the tex block system. This means all the walls will have a smoother finish as the "joints" will no longer be sticking out.

I am starting to get really excited again. Not that I've ever stopped being excited but there was some apprehension over the lay-out of the house.

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