25 April 2009

All That Negativity

My family thinks I am overly pessimistic - I like to think of it as being realistic. But I have to admit that my whining and complaining has reached new heights - greater than what even I thought was possible.

Then someone sent me a forwarded email about a carrot, an egg and coffee beans. The gist of the story is when all three are placed in boiling water, the hard and stiff carrot becomes soft and mushy. The egg yolk becomes hard and the coffee beans change the water completely.

In other words, once subjected to heat, was I going to wilt under the pressure, become hard and angry or turn into something good (at least for coffee lovers)?

We are not millionaires and no matter how much I want the SieMatic kitchen cabinets, we will not spend most of our money on just a tiny part of the house.

The solution? I will tackle this project in the same manner that we dealt with the wedding plans. The challenge will be that I won't have a chat group about house suppliers to help me out. Unlike when we were planning for the wedding, the Weddings At Work chat group was extremely useful in vetting possible suppliers.

This is going to be exciting!

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