05 July 2017

Fabric Samples

One of these options will go on the sofa:

And here's what I've chosen for the curtains:


I'm not really into plaid or the color yellow, but somehow this is what will end up on one of the wing chairs:

The fabric pictured above are all from Larry's Hitex Division, Inc. (formerly Larry's Curtains) in Divisoria which is currently having a sale. They're getting rid of old inventory to make way for new stock. But even without the sale, their rates are way cheaper than the prices found in the SM Megamall branch (Php 350 versus Php 950).

According to one of the sales agents, the family that owns Larry's Curtains have divided the stores. So the Divisoria branch is owned by one brother, the SM Megamall store is owned by another brother, and the one on South Expressway is owned by yet another brother.

Note: The ones I bought range from Php 150/yard (curtains) to Php 485/yard (sofa).

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