20 June 2017

Renovation Update 18

Choi, from Reach Out & Build, informed us that the fence and carport are already done, and scheduled the turnover for June 16, Friday.

I arrive, look around, and then ask him, "So, when will you guys be finished?" His reply? "We're already finished."

Here's what "finished" looks like:

The polycarbonate roof is in two colors. There's supposed to be only one color, and that's dark brown.

Metal bars are still sticking out of the cement hollow block wall.

Trash is still present and they have yet to get rid of the excess cement from the garage floor.

Oh, when I left the house, some parts of the gate hadn't been painted and they still needed to repair the areas they damaged.

Seriously?!?! I really wonder how anyone could think that this would be acceptable? Well, apparently Choi did along with some of the workers who thought nothing of the two-toned roof.

It's been a few days and I still can't get over how skewed their definition of "finished" is. Am I angry or upset? Not yet - as long as they'll fix things. Though this will mean even more delays.

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