17 February 2014

Supplier Ratings: Finishing Contractor

Supplier: Rabacon Construction
Price Tag: Php 445,071.25
Rating: 8/10 (10 being the highest)

Maricel was very easy to work with and quite reasonable when it comes to the bill (they gave the lowest quotation among all the other contractors we asked). The quality of the work done was very satisfactory and they would willingly go back to fix any issues. The workers themselves were polite and properly attired (they usually wore t-shirts with "Rabacon" printed on them).

Rabacon also went beyond the call of duty and installed quite a few things without charge (like the curtain hooks, mirrors and towel bars).

We will definitely hire them again once we've decided to install the fence or anything else for that matter.

Some patience is needed as Maricel and her family have a lot of health issues. Each time there's a bit of work delay, or she's late replying to an email (which is often), it's usually due to someone being in the hospital.

I only gave an 8 because it took them over a year to finish the overhead roof at the back of the house. We gave the down payment in July 2012 and it was only finished December 2013 as they forgot about it.


Philippe de la Cruz said...

Hi, I saw your blog and am really interested to understand what was included in the P400k+ price tag you had with Rabacon? :)

I'm planning to do an interior renovation for our condo so wanted to get some insights.

Hope you can reply.

Nicole said...

Hi Philippe, just enter "Rabacon" in the search box and you'll find all the quotations given by the supplier (there are a lot). You can also click on the "window shopping" link under the Index for the quotations of other suppliers.

Joanna Sancho said...

Hi ma'm! your blog is really interesting. I am also a practicing interior designer. I would highly recommend DCJ metalwood corp. for kitchen renovations and also for other furniture pieces. They were easy to talk to! and the materials are ++

hassle-free service hehe. just sharing. keep up the post!! it's very helpful. thanks ma'm!

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