10 April 2013

Elements: Entryway 1

In a previous post, I mentioned that I was having a problem on whether to decorate considering we're not staying in Singapore for very long. I've decided to compromise - decorate we will but at a very minimal scale.

And we start off with a clock. Specifically, a Newgate 50's 'Electric' Clock.

The wall beside the front door which overlooks the dining area was empty save for the black IKEA shoe rack. At first, I thought a painting or print would look nice, but then again that's a rather expensive option not to mention the hassle of shipping it to our next destination.

So a clock would be more practical methinks.

I first saw this clock brand at a shop called The Good Things. I sent them an email about the one we were interested in, but it was out of stock. Sammy though was kind enough to ask if there were others we might like from the Newgate website and I sent him three options.

It took over five months before he advised that one of them was in their sister store, The Wright Gift, but I think it was well worth the wait.

Takashimaya also sells Newgate clocks, though I find them a bit more expensive. We bought this one for SGD 183.

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