09 July 2011


Yes, the "garden" is like this blog - showing signs of neglect.

So as my project for this month, I plan to clear out the weeds myself. At least that's the plan.

I currently have a lot of time on my hands since as of July 1, I have become a housewife. This new situation will slightly curtail my house shopping but I'll be able to check up on our suppliers more often. Alecto, for example, needs to be reminded that they forgot to install the dimmer switch.


Khun said...

i only chanced by your site today (googled "espanola lights" from azcor and your site came out). i wish i read your blog when we first started constructing our house! we're on our last month and a half, and i can relate to your stories (well the few that i've read so far). keep on writing and good luck with your home :)

Nicole said...

Thanks so much Khun! =)

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