12 June 2011


More paint has been peeling around the house and this time, it's the door jambs. We've been advised that the reason behind this is because the metal door frames were not primed before they were painted. The primer that should have been used is either colored red or gray so if the paint were to peel, we would not be seeing metal right away.

When we informed Avida of this, they agreed with the findings of our contractor and promised to fix things.

That was a month ago. Last Friday, after numerous follow-ups, Avida finally showed up at the house and below is a picture of their handiwork:

I'm a bit clueless when it comes to the technicalities of house painting, but shouldn't the primer be applied first before painting over it again? Another question we have is, why didn't they do the entire area instead of just a spot here and there?

We are waiting (again) but this time for Avida to "fix" things before our contractors can finish up at the house.


jen said...

hi nicole. the paint primer for metal is called red oxide. this is the most commonly used primer, maybe because it is the cheapest, but i think there is another one with a different color.

for concrete walls, a flat latex primer is used. Davies has a type of paint specifically for this called "pondo", which you then top with your desired latex finish, e.g. semi-glossy, glossy, satin finish, etc.

for wood, it's usually quick dry enamel... the one with the very strong paint smell. i believe no primer is needed for wood. i just don't know if the same is true for the newer types of paint. i believe there's now odorless paint, lead-free, etc.

if you will remember, i painted almost all our house's interior... sa ngalan ng pagtitipid. :-)

jen said...

i forgot to mention... for wood the "primer" of sorts is the "masilya" or wood filler, to smothen out any imperfections first prior to painting it over with the desired color.

typically, they mix paint with the "masilya" for better adhesion. then the masilya is sanded down to even it some more, then painted.

i think what you have on your door jamb is masilya. pag nag-peel kasi ang paint hindi na pantay ang surface with the surrounding painted area, so you need to apply masilya to even it all out first, sand it then re-paint it.

most likely hindi pa naman yan tapos. ipe-paint over pa nila yan. fingers crossed... :-)

Nicole said...

Hi Jen, yes I remember that you mentioned painting the walls yourself - I'm now starting to wish I also did the same thing.

Our contractor (Rabacon) advised that since the frame is made out of metal, the primer (red or gray) has to go on first before the regular paint.

The thing is, I can't believe that all they did last Friday and Saturday was to paint over small holes. That job would not even take an hour.

When I mentioned to the village manager what the workers had done, he said that he will go to the house tomorrow with his own team to fix things himself.

I'm crossing my fingers too =)

Nicole said...

UPDATE: The village manager told me yesterday that the workers had confirmed to him that they were finished already and that they had completed the job last Friday.

He also advised that he inspected the house earlier this week and agreed that the situation needs to be rectified.

popcorn said...

Hi Nicole,

Avida's attempts to fill in the gaps in the peeling paint are so pathetic. Nakakatawa, if it weren't so irritating. *sigh* You guys have so much patience! But then again, it's not like stamping your feet and sulking will get you anywhere.

Jean (popcorn)

Nicole said...

Hi Jean, yup, it would be funny had the situation not been irritating. I think we're getting used to Avida so I'm not as mad as before.

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