29 May 2011

Visitation Rights

Paul, a Rabacon staff member, informed us that there have been a couple of neighbors who have dropped by the house recently.

One of them, let's call her Alexie, asked him if they could get a quotation for their baseboard and cornice installation. I'm guessing that it was during this time she saw the kitchen cabinets and apparently wanted the same thing for their home.

I met her last week when she popped by the backdoor while I was checking in on our contractors. She did confirm that she wanted a kitchen similar to ours and that she had already asked Maricel for her rates. I explained that while Rabacon can do the job, the cabinets were actually done by someone else so I gave her the contact details of Cusm Furniture.

It seems that right after our conversation, Alexie talked to her next door neighbor about our house. That other neighbor then came over, introduced herself to Paul and asked if she could come inside and look around. Unfortunately, Paul let her and she proceeded to take pictures of our shelves explaining that she wanted to copy them. Note that the said shelves are located on the second floor.

Now, we don't want to be perceived as unfriendly but I think that one should wait until the owners are around before taking a tour of someone else's home. Alexie, for example, waited until we were introduced before coming inside the house. At which point she immediately began to inspect the cabinets though I do not remember inviting her to do so. I didn't mind too much since I was there.

The thing is, I love showing off the house (hahaha!) and the merest hint will have me inviting you over. All we need is to be asked first.


Carmelyn said...

Great point there Nicole! Love the title of your post too :)

(aiai ni dex, a co-n@wie)

Nicole said...

Thanks Aiai! =)

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