07 October 2010

Lights - Set B

Eglo Gino - Php 899.77 each - wall sconces that will frame the mirror in the upstairs bathroom. Original price was Php 999.75 each.

Eglo Beluga - Php 4,499.77 - overhead dining table lamp. Original price was Php 4,999.75.

Akari Outdoor Light - Php 499.75 - outside wall light beside the back door.

Firefly Ceiling Light - Php 649.95 - upstairs bathroom overhead light.

Keystone Lotus Lamp - Php 10,800 - since the stairwell light is visible from the outside, I wanted something that I felt would not only look good but would also provide a lot of light. Here's hoping it works out as planned. Original price was Php 12,000.

Aristocrat WL FKA W-99 - Php 1,750 - ground floor bathroom wall light. Original price was Php 1,995.


Maxi said...

Hi Nicole,

I hope you can also post the SRP of the lamps.

BTW, there's an on-going sale of lamps and lights accessories near SM North Edsa. My officemate bought all the lights needed for his house in Avida, 50% off!

Check it out as well.


Nicole said...

Hi Maxi,

I'll have to dig up the receipts but if there's anything you're interested in, just shoot me an email =)

Thanks for the heads up! I'll make sure to check them out as looking for lights is not as easy as I thought...

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