15 October 2010

It's Raining - INSIDE...


They are now starting to install the sinks and toilets, so a couple of days ago, the plumber tried to test everything by turning on the water supply upstairs. Let's just say that water started coming out of the ceiling and the light switches on the wall. According to the workers who witnessed the event, this resulted in large puddles on the ground floor.

Uh, how did this happen? Well, when the house was turned over to us, they did not install the lavoratories as we asked them not to install the tiles. And while Engr. Rommel told me yesterday that they tested the water pressure of the house, I highly doubt it. Otherwise they would have known about the huge pipe leak located in the bowels of the ceiling.

Apparently, when Avida was installing the metal frames in the house, they drilled a hole through the water pipes... Take note that we've just spent a small fortune (in our opinion) fixing the electrical system not to mention that the ceiling, cornices and walls have already been painted.

I'm now worried about the state of the gypsum board ceiling and the lights. Moisture + darkness = MOLD. And what about the recessed light fixtures that are all made of metal? I have visions of rust dancing in my head.

After a "strongly worded" conversation with Engr. Rommel earlier today, he had John, the contractor, come over to take another look. He also advised that if anything gets damaged then the contractor will pay for it.

Turns out John had been in charge of the house from the beginning. I then took that as a great opportunity to rant about how much cement has been consumed just to fix the very uneven walls and floors! (Sorry, I couldn't help myself considering we paid for the repairs.)

Maricel told me that this happened because Avida sub-contracts the work to others. But I told her that ultimately Avida carries the responsibility of checking the quality of work done. Because in the end, had the house been the picture of perfection, they're going to say that it's Avida who made the house and not JJM (the name of the sub-contracting company).

Is there a solution in the offing? Yes, tomorrow John will be back to check for damages and will replace the areas affected by the water leak at least to start with. I feel bad though because they will probably ruin the work already done by Rabacon.

But if I were to look on the bright side, at least we found this out prior to living in the house and that they will actually fix this mess. Well, they should!


ivymarasigan said...

sigh. happened to us. the contractors left a huge hole open in the roof, supposed to be installed with down spout but the 2nd carpenter did not about it because it was not turned over properly by the 1st one who resigned (no salary for 2weeks of working). so the 2nd carpenter installed the ceiling and left the hole open.

Nicole said...

I hope it did not rain during the time it was still open!

Maxi said...

Hi Nicole,

This is a nightmare!

I thought they have quality inspection before the turnover? Avida should explain how they conducted the QA and if they really conducted QA.

If you're electrical systems were penetrated by water, expect issues on grounding and what you mentioned, rust all over the place.

@Ivy, I hope everything will go well especially this week with typhoon Juan.


Jen said...

wow! has ayala's (and avida's) standard gone down to such a low level that they are now comparable to unknown developers who have a reputation for trouble-plagued properties?

i mean, i would not expect such a thing to happen in an ayala property... imagine water coming into the house from holes in the ceiling?! avida ba talaga yan, or baka naman camella housing?

to think we were so impressed when we went to check out an avida condo unit near crame. my husband said that if we were to invest in a condo unit he will get one from avida because ayala is known for quality. i guess not anymore!

and, for that ayala or avida rep to claim that they did check when obviously they did not (how can you miss water coming out of the ceiling and from holes for the sockets and swtiches? "check" my a**)just made my blood curdle even more... to think na nakiki-basa lang ako ng blog ni nicole ha!


Nicole said...

@Maxi - Nightmare is correct! I was so mad that I started screaming at Engr. Rommel who kept telling me everything was okay. Huh?!?!

He also told me that they will fix the uneven walls. I pointed out to him that I advised him of the situation even before they turned the house over and all he said was that things will correct themselves once we install tiles. Basically, he left it for us to repair the problem. Now he'll do something about it when the problem has been solved by Rabacon?

Ellen from the Avida head office told me yesterday that she will send two other engineers to inspect the house. But ruefully acknowledged that it was a bit too late...

@Jen - Unfortunately, despite every evidence to the contrary, the Avida head office and the village engineers are still insisting that we will get a quality house. I just wonder how they keep deluding themselves...

Yes, my blood has been curdling since last year when all this started and with this last incident? It's amazing I haven't boiled to death! =)

Maxi said...

Hi Nicole,

I observed your ceiling frames, talagang ganyan ba talaga yan? It seems it lacks support for the entire ceiling.

@jen, it think this is out of ordinary. My unit didn't encounter such issues, security issues lang hahaha...


Nicole said...

@Maxi - no clue =(

@Jen - Maxi had the better idea - get a basic unit and install your own interior partitions.

We got the standard unit which includes all the walls and both bathrooms. This type just gives Avida more room for error.

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