17 April 2010

Re: Post Below

"They even asked me if they can get my name and become one of the official members of the homeowners association."

Uh, what does being on the homeowners association have to do with getting the house finished on time? Does it make the buyer feel better? No, they would rather get the house on schedule than be involved in village politics (which some would consider to be more of a bane rather than a boon).

"I asked them if they read your blog and browsed your painful experience with Avida. They confirmed they read it and can’t believe it happened to one of their customers. I told Ellen that I read her name on the blog and she confirmed that she knew you as well. She told me that they already have a schedule to meet you. Are you aware of this?"

They can't believe it happened to one of their customers? Who are they kidding?!?!? I personally know someone in that same village (they live a few blocks away from our place) whose turnover was delayed by seven (7) months. They complained and Avida ended up offering to pay for their rent until such time they could move into the house.

They have a schedule to meet with us? Uh, the last time we heard from Ellen was when she sent us an email about the new April turnover date (which was almost a month ago)...

"According to them, the delay of your house construction is due to shortage of materials because of some technology patent issues :-) Were you made aware of this?"

If there was a shortage, then why is the other house way ahead in terms of construction - complete with paint and actual windows? And NO, they never mentioned "patent issues". They blamed the contractor but were vague on the details.

"Before we parted, they asked me if they can invite me as one of their speakers for giving them inspiration and motivation."

Again, will inviting buyers to be motivational speakers make everything alright if the house is late? I sincerely doubt it.

Yarns, tall tales, and whoppers. Avida, kindly credit your customers with a little bit more intelligence. Ever heard of a used car salesman? You remind me of that.


g_saturn said...

"They confirmed they read it and can’t believe it happened to one of their customers."

This is hilarious Nicole! Who are they kidding? My neighbors also had delayed turnovers!

Nicole said...

Yes, extremely hilarious! It's as though they live in a cloud and they don't think that their clients can check whether or not they're telling the truth.

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