31 July 2009

No House in Sight

Our agent told us that Avida will start applying for the permits in April and this will take one to two months depending on how fast the government approves them. Then they will start building the house. By my calculation, they should have started building the house in June.

Last month, I called the Alabang office coordinator for an update and Raquel told us that there was already a "notice to construct" and that this means they have "started gathering the construction materials". So I'm thinking that by July, we would be able to visit the site and see their progress. Right?

Two weeks ago, I spoke to Rommel from the construction group and he informed me they have yet to start building... Huh? Apparently, the land management group has yet to turn over the lot as it has not yet passed the soil compaction test. He did say that the lot has been filled but they have to wait for the moisture in the soil to dry out before doing the test again.

Uh, it's been raining since that time so when will the soil dry out...? Another thing, it's currently the RAINY SEASON.

I asked Rommel how long the house will take to finish once the lot is turned over to their group. His answer? Six months. We're thinking that the stated turnover schedule (supposedly fourth quarter of this year) will definitely not push through.

But then again, this will give us more time to save for what will go in the house. So all is well.

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