13 June 2013

The Decision

In a previous post, we were thinking about selling or renting the house (or just keeping things as is). After much consideration, we've decided to have it rented.

Here are the reasons why:

1. We are currently paying for three properties - the rent for our current apartment, the house in Avida, and my mother-in-law's house. The last house is in Alabang Hills Village and while we split the expenses with Earl's two other siblings, the three storey abode is not cheap to maintain.

2. We'd like to have a baby and if our recent intrauterine insemination (IUI) doesn't work, our doctor here has advised that our only option is vitro fertilisation (IVF) the cost of which will be around SGD 14,000 (Php 453,600 at 32.4 exchange rate). We've asked around and found that this procedure has a better success rate in Singapore or Taiwan and costs roughly the same as in Manila. It's cheaper in Taiwan but will require a five week stay which we cannot do due to Earl's job.

3. It occurred to us that we might be able to find someone who'll love our house as much as we do and treat it like their own.

4. We don't know when we'll be going home.

I recently asked a chat group I belong to about tips on renting - both as a tenant as a landlord. And based on their replies, it's safe to conclude that the more furnished the house, the easier it will be to have it rented out. But since we don't have the budget to buy appliances, our target market will have to be those who already have their own furniture.

Here's our to-do list:

1. Have the contractor finish up at the house. They were supposed to resume once we came back permanently (originally less than a year from now).

2. Check how much cementing the garage area will cost.

3. Inquire about having the yard fixed.

4. Have Mapecon return to do pest control.

5. Inquire with Merry Maids about their rates. My plan is to have the house cleaned professionally right before the renter moves in.

6. Contact a lawyer for help in drafting the lease contract.

Ah, this list really makes me want to move-in! But then again, I've been wanting that since we paid the reservation fee. Sigh.

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