21 February 2012

Shop Hop: Space Encounters

Since they're currently on sale, my Mom and I decided to pay them a visit.

They do not accept custom-made orders in the sense that you won't be able to bring a picture of a chair you like and ask them to make it. What they do have is a catalogue of their own designs (partial list below) which you can customize in terms of wood finishes and upholstery. You can also bring your own fabric and they'll adjust the cost accordingly.

The furniture sold here are mostly Scandinavian inspired which isn't exactly a style I gravitate to, but when I tried their Mama Bear wing chair, I started having second thoughts. It was so comfortable and I could imagine myself reading a book and just lounging in it (footrest sold separately):

Mama Bear Chair - Php 30,000
33.5" (w) x 36" (d) x 40" (h)

They also have a slightly smaller wing chair available:

Cooper Bear Chair - Php 29,500
29" (w) x 29.5" (d) x 32.5" (h)

The prices above are based on mahogany wood but they also have a teak wood option which costs a little more (e.g. Cooper Bear Chair Php 37,300).

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