13 January 2012


Page 7 - If you buy neutral furniture (tan, black, white or gray), you can easily change your wall color for an entirely new feel without having to go out and purchase new furniture (which costs more than a few cans of paint!). Colored furniture, such as a red, blue, or green sofa, limits the changes you can make; they may be subtler and less gratifying than freshly painted walls.

Page 13 - One thing I recommend is not to judge your paint color until you've removed all the blue painter's tape. Some people have trouble envisioning what the final outcome will look like, and that blue tape certainly doesn't help! Once you remove the tape and artfully place your belongings back into the room and hang your pictures on the walls, then, and only then, are you allowed to judge your color!

Page 21 - The trick to arranging items like a pro is to think in terms of threes - two vases on a shelf are too little, four vases are too many, but three vases are just right! Also, mixing objects in various heights balances the scale and looks chic. Items can range from pillar candles to vases to books; these objects will help make your space look more like a home. Just don't go overboard, because you don't want it to look cluttered; a little styling goes a long way!

Page 73 - If you're not a big fan of silk plants (and you travel a lot or don't have a green thumb), use a tall narrow urn or planter and fill it with some long, skinny twigs. This will achieve the same height element that you'd get from a tall silk tree in a corner.

Page 107 - In a small bedroom use a high headboard but skip the footboard. Footboards make a room feel smaller and take up valuable space. (And just think: You can avoid stubbing your toe - that's right, no more bumping into the footboard when you get up in the middle of the night!)

All images and text in this post were taken from Libby Langdon's Small Space Solutions: Secrets for Making Any Room Look Elegant and Feel Spacious on Any Budget

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