01 March 2011

Kitchen Journal 4

The second part of the kitchen, which is located opposite of the main kitchen, is now underway. Technically though this is the laundry area, but the cabinets will have the same design and finish so that the entire thing will look like one unit. Here's what we plan to do with the storage space:

Laundry Cabinets - will house the ironing board and iron, detergent, hangers, dryer, and a cabinet for two hampers (where clean clothes will be stored prior to ironing).

Circuit Breaker Cabinets - this will function as the pantry so it will mostly be for food (e.g. canned goods, chips, cereal boxes, etc).

Broom Closet - the bottom half has two sections, one for the broom and dustpan and the other for the vacuum cleaner. The upper cabinets will be for the cleaning supplies, tools, and other miscellaneous utility items. We'll also have it changed to four rows of shelves instead of just three.

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