13 November 2010

Security Detail

Finally, Avida has done something we're actually happy about - they have started to install the electric fence on the perimeter wall. And based on the truck, the supplier is ProFence.

As far as we know, not too many villages have this feature so we're quite pleased with this development. Yes Avida, if you do something good, I will blog about it.

But then we thought of how much the association dues will cost because let's face it, who's going to pay for all the electricity consumed by this fence? Well, I guess that would be a small price to pay for better security.

Of course we are aware that this will not stop the possibility of crime, but at least it will lessen the probability.


Maxi said...

Hi Nicole,

The first thing that will come from my mouth, HAY SA WAKAS.

After all the discussions and meetings with Avida, they were able to provide the security fence before Nov 2010 ends. They're ahead of their target this time, I hope they can maintain and sustain the way they address subdivision issues.

I also hope that my intruder experience will be the first and the last in Avida Settings.


Jen said...

wow bongga ang electric fence!

but you're right, i wonder how much your association dues will be, especially since meralco rates are always going up. oh well, as you've said it's a small price to pay for security... and peace of mind or a sound sleep at night.

anyway, i pity the birds or stray cats that might make the mistake of getting in contact with the fence... but that's a side issue.

kudos avida. finally, you seem to be giving your residents their money's worth.

Joanne MV said...

Wish we have something like this in Ridgecrest since madami kami katabi na other villages sa area. Perimeter fence nga lang di ganun ka-secure. I was hoping for something like that para madala yung mga nanloloob sa village namin.

Nicole said...

@Joanne - Maybe you and your neighbros can ask them if they'll consider installing it in Ridgecrest? There might be strength in numbers.

@Jen - we asked the supplier and they advised that birds are safe provided their feet are just on top of one wire. Two wires and there will be a problem...

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