21 July 2010

Electrical Shortage


It all started with the need for additional electrical outlets.

Second Level Power and Auxiliary Layout

The circles above mark the location of the electrical outlets on the second floor. Notice that the two other bedrooms have just one outlet which is located beside the door.

But before anything else, let me start from the beginning.

When we were talking to our sales agent, we asked him if the appliances we were planning to install (i.e. washing machine, dryer, water heaters for the two showers, side by side fridge, etc.) would be possible with the electrical load of the house. He said yes.

Now that the house has been turned over to us, we've discovered that there is only one electrical outlet in the other two bedrooms. Where do we plug the night lamps, computer, printer, air conditioner, etc? Are we supposed to stretch the cords across the room to where the door is?

But as it turns out, that's the least of our problems.

Initially, we inquired with Alecto General Technology Corporation (an electrical engineering company recommend by the facilities manager at work) how much it would cost to install additional outlets.

They asked for a copy of the Avida electrical plan, pictures of the panel board and a detailed list of the appliances we're planning to install:

1.) Water heater for the shower only (x2) - 3kW to 8kW (Alpha-LH-1000E)
2.) Fridge - Whirlpool 21.8 cubic feet - 24 A / 615 W
3.) Washing machine - Whirlpool 10.5 K load - 5 A / 60 HZ
4.) Clothes dryer - Whirlpool 6 K load - 10 A
5.) ACU - split type 2HP - ground floor
6.) ACU - window type 0.75 HP - masters bedroom and the second largest bedroom

After studying the Avida electrical plan, Alecto advised that the load of the house is only 60.6 amps (line current at 100% Demand Factor), while what we need for the electrical devices mentioned above is 95.34 amps (line current at 80% Demand Factor).

They also said that the electrical load for the fridge provided by Avida is 543W which is essentially good for just a PERSONAL REFRIGERATOR. The fridge we plan to install needs 5520W.

Basically, the house is SHORT by 34.74 amps. And if we plan to install a water pump with an electrical booster (or anything else for that matter) in the future, it will no longer be possible.

Avida's response to all this is that they can only provide what's in the plan and anything outside of that will be for us to install. They also told me that the neighbors have installed all sorts of things including electrical fences and there doesn't seem to be a problem.

To this Alecto explained that house fires are caused not by faulty wiring, but due to misuse of the owner. They explained that not all outlets are created equal (meaning you just can't plug in anything you like). And based on the breakdown given by Avida for the outlets, what Alecto is saying is true as each outlet has a specific capacity.

Just last week, Ellen from Avida was assuring me (yet again) that we will get a quality house. What kind of quality are they talking about if, to install basic appliances, we need to shell out a ton of money (minimum Php 80,000 according to Alecto) just so that we can actually plug in those devices and ensure we won't have an electrical shortage?

I have come to the conclusion that if you wish to purchase from Avida, just buy the lot and build the house yourselves. Because the house that Avida provides is not the kind where once finished, you can move in already. You will need to add and spend for many things just so that you can live in it.


Cielo of Brown Pinay said...

I can totally relate to your predicament...I had also my own share of rants with our developer...

Its not about the house structure, but it is more on the uber dooper slow documentation processing.....and at the same time the way, way behind the schedule turn over of the unit.

Nicole said...

The turnover of our unit was also extremely late. Avida's list of "transgressions" keep mounting and I don't think the end is yet in sight.

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