30 June 2010

Have Keys, Need Furniture...

And tiles, paint, stove, fridge, microwave, shelves, closets, and everything else in between.

It has been four days since the house was turned over to us by Desiree from Avida. Earl and I brought along Architect Mario (aka Uncle Mayong) to go over the place with Engineers Frolan (who is also an Avida Property Manager) and Mark.

But we cannot move in just yet and work on the house as there are many items that still need fixing:
- uneven walls
- uneven floors
- exposed pipes both inside and outside the house
- unfinished surfaces
- even more holes in the walls that need to be sealed
- water coming in through the back door when it rains
- concrete front porch area is hollow underneath

With regards to the uneven floor, Engr. Frolan advised that things will even themselves out when we have our flooring material installed (i.e. laminated wood). Somehow though that didn't sound quite right... I said to him that we should not be fixing the mistakes made by Avida and that quality does not mean "repairs needed". I also told Uncle Mayong about it and he definitely agreed with me.

Sigh (again). Truth be told, I am not too upset about the situation probably because I anticipated this happening. And when you expect it, then it's not a surprise. Well, at least the house is a beautiful shade of blue!

So, I've now decided to concentrate on the next phase - fixing up the house. And to say that I am excited about this is a HUGE understatement!

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