27 March 2010

Strike Three!!!

And here's the reply from Avida:

From: AVIDA Ellen
Date: Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 6:06 PM
To: Nicole
Cc: Earl, "AVIDA Desiree

Hi Ms. Nicole,

We have checked with our Construction team on site and they have indeed confirmed that your unit will not be ready by March 31st.

With this, we would like to extend our apologies for the delay…

The Construction team has assured us that they will make your unit their top priority and committed to its completion by end of April.

After the unit has been completed, we will endorse it rightaway to the Quality team of Avida for quality inspection.

I will personally monitor the status of your unit with the Construction team to ensure the end of April completion.

Btw, Ms Ruth Gonzales is no longer with Customer Care. She has been assigned to handle a different unit.

Thanks and best regards,

Customer Care Dept.
Avida Land Corp.


Maxi said...

This is really scary. When will they end up with excuses? I think we are all top priority in Avida, thus nothing was completed on time.

Have you escalated this to their manager? I sent an email to the entire Avida Pre-Sales Team this afternoon and the customer care manager replied giving his commitment to monitor the progress of my H&L.

I think they got scared when I told them that one of their customer already made a blog monitoring their steps. Let's wait for their reaction on Monday and monitor the hits of your blog.

Nicole said...

Yes, we've been talking to the head office. But not sure on the hits as I haven't placed a counter on this blog. Might do that though.

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