19 September 2010

Lights - Set A

Azcor Española SL - 5-810-12-0 - Php 6,030 - the overhead light in the lavender room. Original price was Php 6,700.

Landlite Reflector Light (Big) - Php 349.75 each - general illumination provider for the ground floor and second floor hallway.

Robles Heritage Porch Light - Php 435 - lone front porch light at the moment. Still debating whether another light is needed on the wall beside the door.

Osram Par38 Flood Light - Php 495 each - this will be positioned at each outside corner of the house.

Landlite Reflector Light (Small) - Php 249.75 each - for the closet area in the green room.


Maxi said...

I like the Espanola It will match your neutral colors.

Nicole said...

Thanks, that's exactly what I was thinking! How's the move in last Saturday? =)

Maxi said...

Hi Nicole,

Seriously, mahirap talaga ang maglipat ng bahay.

I requested for my 3 janitors to help us cleaning the house, 3 janitors and 5 workers to help us packing things. It took us a giant track and 2 cars for the entire trip. We are almost done, we are just waiting for the delivery of our new dining table and bed. After that, rest muna ako sa spending and I would start restoring my savings.

Next project 2011, garden. :-D

Nicole said...

I can just imagine how busy you guys were! But, you're nearly at the end while we are still in the middle of everything.

Our goal for 2011 is the fence but the neighbors haven't showed up yet and we're hoping to share the cost of the wall with them.

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